With the new EU clinical trial registry portal expected to launch next year, it’s imperative that sponsors – particularly small and mid-size organizations – understand the complexities of EU disclosure. Thomas Wicks, an expert in clinical trial disclosure, and Karen Rutkowski, an expert in medical writing, will share actionable insights on EU regulatory compliance and explain why it’s not only important for large sponsors but for small and mid-size sponsors as well.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

• The unique challenges small and mid-size sponsors face
• How disclosure requirements vary between the US and EU
• Recommendations for maintaining compliance

Learning objectives:
  • Understand limitations in terms of organization, resources, expertise data and systems
  • Discover what to expect with new EU portal
  • Know what's required for inspections
  • Gain insights into the agenda of transparency advocates
  • Receive tips on policies, process and priorities
Presented by:
  • Karen Rutkowski

    Executive Director Medical Writing


  • Thomas Wicks

    Chief Strategy Officer