Bristol-Myers Squibb launched its Study Connect website in 2011, years before trial transparency gained the traction it currently enjoys in today’s pharmaceutical industry. The title of this webinar only tells part of the story; Study Connect goes beyond finding clinical trials. The website is a complete clinical trial engagement platform that matches visitors to trials, provides multiple ways people can learn more about or participate in a trial, and even includes access to trials of other sponsors.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

• How this project addresses challenges the public has with clinical trials
• What key features and functionality have been developed over time to improve the user experience and access to information
• The approach for defining key metrics to measure the impact of the website
• Ways team members encountered and overcome challenges along the way

Learning objectives:
  • The value of a patient engagement platform for patients, HCPs, sponsors and the public
  • How to engage with patients and key stakeholders before, during and after the trial
  • What you need to consider before undertaking a similar project
  • How to apply lessons learned to your own clinical trials website
Presented by:
  • Carolyn Brehm

    Study Connect Business Lead, Global Clinical Operations

    Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Liz Beatty

    Digital Health Advisor
    Independent Consultant

  • Naor Chazan